The project: How to make a Kings Chair
The place:   Nottingham
A bit about the place
Note: Click on any of the photos to see an enlarged version. There is a description of the photos further down the page.
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Nottingham, Robin Hood country, is a city in the East Midlands, England. The City has a population of just under 300,000. Nottingham Castle is just a few minutes walk from the center of Nottingham City.
It was in the castle yard where I first saw the chair which inspired the "How to build a King Chair" project.

The Castle
Nottingham Castle was originally a wooden structure but after the Battle of Hastings it was replaced with a stone castle.
In the 16th century, the castle was pretty much destroyed. The castle was again made defensible but in 1649 it was demolished to prevent re-use.
Very little of the original structure can be seen today, although there are some remains of the original castle foundations. Nottingham Castle's 'The Ducal Mansion' is a museum and art gallery.
The castle is close to the city center and Sherwood Forest is some 30 km North. Even so, walking around Nottingham City Center, especially around by the castle, you certainly get the feeling that it is Robin Hood country.

Local Building Supplies
Getting back to building and DIY: on the local front there are oodles of building supply stores. Near the city center there is Wickes - Building Supplies & DIY Store, and Jacksons Building Center to mention but a couple. Most would supply materials that would be suitable for the king chair project.
One such locally sourced wood that could be used for the project is 80mm x 80mm pressure treated timber commonly used for pergola uprights, which is available at some Wickes Stores (and probably other stores as well).

General photos
The photos in the right hand column were taken around Nottingham City Center and the castle vicinity.
Click on the photos to enlarge them.
From top tight they are...
1.) Walking toward the city center.
2.) A sign post downtown pointing to places of interest (from the tourists' point of view).
3.) A Robin Hood shop just opening up.
4.) The castle museum.
5.) A view from the castle.
6.) Jenny sitting in the King Chair in the grounds of Nottingham Castle.
7.) The lace center. An old cottage. Nottingham is famous for its lace.
8.) Walking along the side of the castle towards the oldest inn.
9.) The oldest inn in England. Mind you, we came across a pub in St Albans, a little city about 22 miles north of central London, that made the same claim!
walking to Nottingham City Centre
a signpost downtown
a Robin Hood shop
Castle muesem
A view from Nottingham Castle
Jenny sitting on the King Chair
The Lace Centre
A stroll past the castle
The oldest Inn in England
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