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Introduction   a concrete seat in spain
The inspiration for this project came from a concrete seat I saw in a Placa (square) in Barcelona, Spain.
For a little bit about Barcelona, the place where the idea came from click here.
To the right is a picture of a concrete seat that sits (amongst others) in the Placa De La Vila De Madrid in Barcelona.
The picture above it is my version of the seat.
Click on the picture to see an enlarged version.
This concrete seat is by no means unique to Barcelona. It just so happens that I sat on a concrete seat in a placa near La Rambla (the happening part of Barcelona) and decided at that point in time that I wanted to make something similar.
Note: This version of the concrete seat project is written using metric dimensions (millimeters). I have written another version in imperial (ft and inch) dimensions here. The latter version also has been written differently, so if there is anything you don't quite understand in this version maybe you could get a bit of clarity from the other version.
For this project you will need some concrete, a framework (form/mold) to hold the concrete in and some reinforcing rod to strengthen the concrete. You will also need some time. This is definitely not a weekend project because the concrete needs to cure from one stage to the next, and overall the project will take about a month to complete.
On the next page are the plans and an approximate list of materials required for the project.
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