The TravellingBuilder website explained
There are three segments to this website; - projects, places, and structures.
Below is an explanation of each.
Note: Any underlined text is a hyperlink.

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The projects are 'how to make' woodworking or building type projects all of which are inspired by items of furniture or structures seen in different places around the world.
We will also bring you a bit of information on local materials.
It is important to note that not all of the projects are unique to any one place, it's just that the places of reference give some ambience to the projects source.
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The places go hand in hand with the projects.
If a project is initiated from a particular place, then why not give that place a mention.
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Structures or buildings of interest that I encounter along the way and also a note or two on the places that house them. The structures could be such things as castles, bridges, towers or just about any structure that could be considered worthy of a mention. In some cases there will also be a bit of 'how was that made?' thrown in for good measure.
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